Get Trained

The Creative Services team hosts Basic Training in Cascade twice a month, and additional training through monthly One-on-One Web Help sessions.

Basic Training
Topics covered in Basic Training:
  • Introduction to the W&M web presence
  • Terminology and help for Cascade and the web
  • Cascade login and navigation
  • Building and editing folders and pages
  • Uploading and managing documents and images
  • Placing links and images within content
  • Placing listboxes, related links & widgets in the right column
  • Publishing and deleting
  • Best proactices and other tips & tricks
Summer 2015 Basic Training Dates:
  • Fri, June 5, 10-Noon in Jones 201 (register)
  • Tues, June 23, 2-4pm in Jones 201 (register)
  • Thurs, July 9, 10-Noon in Jones 201 (register)
  • Mon, July 20, 2-4pm in Jones 201 (register)
  • Thurs, August 6, 2-4pm in Jones 201 (register)
  • Mon, August 17, 10-Noon in Jones 201 (register)
  • Thurs, August 27, 10-Noon in Jones 201 (register)
  • Wed, September 9, 2-4pm in Jones 201 (register)
Additional Training

Note: Additional training is for Cascaders who have received and are comfortable with the topics covered in Basic Training.

One-on-One Web Help sessions

At these monthly, open-door sessions, several of our web experts are on hand to assist you individually. Bring your questions about Cascade, social media, Google Analytics, or our other web tools — W&M Events and Tribe Responses. Cascade topics addressed in these sessions have historically included, but are not limited to:

  • Borrowing and copying content
  • Managing multimedia content
  • Special page types
  • Building widgets & listboxes
  • Staging new content without publishing
Email Support

Departments and offices within Arts & Sciences and our graduate and professional schools should first contact your designated Cascade Manager. Other departments and offices, or those referred to Creative Services for assistance should email [[creative]] with a request for assistance with a specific topic. One of our experts will try to assist in a manner appropriate for the request, as time allows.