Uploading Documents

So you want to share a PDF or other document with the world? Follow these steps...

  1. Remove any spaces in your file names before importing them into Cascade
  2. Navigate to and select the documents folder. If you don't have a storage folder create one.
  3. From top blue toolbar, choose New>>File
  4. Enter your file name in the "System Name" field, for example minutes.pdf (the correct file extension such as .pdf is required and the file name should be lowercase with no spaces)
  5. Enter a Display Name and Title (these should match)
  6. Click "Browse" to find the file on your computer and then Submit

*Note that the document size limit is about 9.7 MB. If you have documents that exceed this limit review the Storage Options and contact [[creative]].

Remember that you've just uploaded this document into the Cascade Server database. It is not available on the World Wide Web until you publish it. And it is not easily found by visitors until you link to it on a page.

Already upload your document and just need to update it? It's easier than you might think.