Mass Uploading of Documents

Upload a lot of documents (in one fell swoop) using Cascade's Import Tool

Here are the steps for importing a zip file of documents directly into Cascade:

  1. Zip up the set of documents. (You may want to name the zip archive something meaningful since Cascade will adopt the archive name you set.)
  2. Select the Cascade folder where the documents will be uploaded. If you don't have a storage folder create one.
  3. Choose Tools>>Zip Archive from the top blue navigation menu in Cascade.
  4. Browse for the zip file/archive and confirm the Placement folder (the folder location of the import) and click Submit. The import may take a minute or two.
When not to use the Import Tool

Don't use the Import Tool to mass upload photoset images. The Import Tool assigns a default content type to anything you upload and photoset images require a special content type in order to include captions.