Creating an Empty Folder for Storage

For organizational reasons it is best to store your documents and images in a logically named folder.

Create a Storage Folder
  1. Using the Cascade file tree, navigate to the appropriate folder and click on it. Often this is your site's root folder, for example /
  2. From the top blue toolbar, choose New >> Empty Folder
  3. Sample documents storage folder.Enter a Display Name
  4.  Uncheck the box next to "Display in Menu?"
  5. Enter a System Name (lower case, no spaces such as "documents" or "images"), then Submit

If your site will store a large number of documents or images, you may find it helpful to nest additional storage folders to help keep things organized. In this example, a storage folder (documents) was created at the site's root level, and an additional storage folder (conference_presentations) were created within the original documents folder.