Context Menu

Save the clicks!

Click on the arrow next to an asset to open the context menu. Works for folders too.

You may remember us raving about a Firefox plugin that allowed you to click on any asset in the left hand navigation tree and select an action to perform on the asset (for example “edit”). This saved many clicks for those of us willing to load and maintain the add-on and use Firefox exclusively. Well as of Cascade version 6.8 that concept is built-in and it is available in all browsers.

If you hover over any asset anywhere -in the left navigation tree, folder content list or even your history- a small arrow will appear next to the asset. Click on the arrow (use a normal left-click not a right-click) and you are presented with a popup box of direct links for all the actions you can perform on the asset such as edit, move/rename, publish, and delete. Embrace this feature- it is a REAL time saver!