Few people know what one is, even fewer know how to create one.

Need to put an existing widget on your page? Skip to Step 2.

Step 1: Build the Widget
  1. Navigate to the appropriate Cascade storage folder to build the widget (you may have a folder labeled _widgets or something similar). If you don't have one, you can build one now.
  2. From the New menu find and select the Right Column Items > Widget Folder item
  3. Enter System Name and Display Name > Submit
  4. Select this new folder and upload your widget image(s).
  5. Edit the Widget file (it was automatically created for you!)
  6. Enter your Header Text and select a Header Text Size
  7. Select Widget Image
  8. Enter Teaser Text
  9. Choose Internal URL or enter External URL (for the 'More...' link)
  10. Use + to enter additional images/teasers if applicable (this enables the rotating widget images/teasers)
  11. Make sure that the Maintain Absolute Links When Publishing box is checked on the System tab > Submit
  12. Publish the folder.
Step 2: Put the widget on a page
  1. Edit the page where you want to place the widget
  2. Check the box next to “Show right column?”
  3. Under the Widgets section, use the [ ] to browse to the Widget file and select it >> Confirm
  4. Submit and Publish

What if my Widget does not show up on a published page?

Widgets need to be published separate from the page(s) that contain them. Make sure that your Widget folder is published.

Why is the Teaser there, but the Widget image is not showing up on the published page?

Edit the Widget, go to the System sub-tab and make sure that Maintain Absolute Links When Publishing is checked. Submit and re-publish the widget.

What should I do if I added the widget to a page, but don't see it in the preview?

In addition to adding the widget to your page, you must check the box next to "Show right column?" in order to enable ANY features in the third column.

What if I want to place a widget I've seen on other W&M web pages?

There are many top-level widgets used throughout the W&M website that are available for anyone to use. When browsing for a Widget file, look in /www.wm.edu/_widgets/. You'll find everything from widgets leading to photo galleries to W&M traditions to Majors & Minors and more!