... and un-publishing.

The Basics

Cascade is not the web server. You can create, edit, save and preview assets in Cascade but they are not visible on the web until they are published

Publishing sends items to the web server and makes them available to everyone on the internet.

Unpublishing removes items from the web server  so they are no longer available online.

Direct Publishing

Most Cascade users can publish any of their assets by selecting the Publish tab then clicking Submit. Your publish job then goes into the queue behind any other publish jobs.  Once your job is in the queue, you are free to continue working.  Any changes made after submitting to the publish queue will not be published unless you submit for publishing again.

Often you will see your published results within a minute ... but if you're behind someone's large publish job you may need to be patient. To see where your job is in the queue, click the 'swirly' icon  (top left, blue bar) >> Publisher >> Active Jobs. This page will show the progress of your publishing.

Publishing Through a Workflow

If you do not have permission to publish and you need something published (outside of a scheduled publish), you'll have to submit into a Workflow.

  1. Complete your edits. Make sure that the Start Workflow box is checked under Advanced Options section at the bottom the Content sub-tab and Submit.
  2. On the page that follows select a workflow option and Submit. Depending on your workflow this may trigger a publish, but more likely it will trigger an email to your approver who can approve and publish your content.
Un-Publishing an item
  1. Select the asset (Note: actions applied to a folder, apply to everything within that folder)
  2. Click the Publish tab
  3. Change the radio button from Publish to Un-publish
  4. Click Submit
  5. This page no longer exists on the internet, but remains in Cascade for editing and future publishing.

Note: your assets could be re-published at any time by a fellow site editor or a scheduled job. Follow the steps below if you need to prevent your asset from being re-published.

Preventing something from Publishing (including by a scheduled job)

This can be useful if you do not want a page you're building in Cascade to be on your website now, but you will want it there in the future.

  1. Select the asset  (Note: actions applied to a folder, apply to everything within that folder)
  2. Click the Edit tab (for individual pages, you will also need to click the System sub-tab)
  3. Un-check the Include when publishing checkbox. 
  4. When you're ready for the page to be published, re-check the Include when publishing checkbox.  Note: DO NOT uncheck the Include when indexing checkbox unless the asset is an individual blog, directory, announcement or event page.

If an asset is published and you want to un-publish it AND prevent it from publishing ... you'll need to un-publish it first.

Some Suggestions/Hints for Publishers:
  1. For efficiency, if you are just editing one page/folder, only publish that page/folder.
  2. If you have added a new page, moved a page or made changes that affect menus, publish your entire site. Go to your root folder, click Publish and Submit.
  3. If you are making several changes that you think will require a publish of your entire site, make all of your changes and do the full publish once (Note: there are others publishing as well and Cascade processes each item one at a time as they appear in the publish queue).
  4.  If you'd like to see the progress of a job you have submitted to publish, you can change your settings to immediately show you the publish queue after submitting a publish request.  Click the 'swirly' icon in the blue toolbar at the top, go to Preferences >> User and check the box next to Go to publish status page.  This page refreshes every few seconds to show your progress.
Common Publishing Issues

I published my page but my listbox/widget is not showing up on the website. I just see some garbled code in the right column.
Listboxes, widgets and photosets are separate pages as far as Cascade is concerned. You must publish the listbox/widget/photoset folder in addition to the actual page or story using it.