News Story

Are you new to working with News Stories?
Step 1: Prepare your images
  1. You will need to prepare and upload a thumbnail image which will display on your listing page.
  2. You have the option to add a photoset to your news story. You can build your photoset before you begin, or create one and add it later. See an example and learn how to build your photoset.
Step 2: Create a news story

(Or, follow the steps to create a Borrowed Story.)

  1. Navigate to your news folder.
  2. From the top blue menu, choose New >> News story
  3. Complete the applicable fields: Title, Summary, Author and Publication Date (Note: if you do NOT want a time of day displayed, leave the default time of 1:00 am set ... this tells the system NOT to display a time)
  4. Set the parent and sibling checkboxes. These adjust the left menu on this page only.
  5. Enter the body of your story in the News Content box.
    • Do not copy and paste directly from another source (Word, email, webpage). First copy from the source, then in Cascade click the Paste as Plain Text button before you paste. You can also clean up your text by first pasting it into a text editor such as Textpad or Notepad.
  6. Add your uploaded thumbnail image by clicking the [ ] browsing symbol next to Square Thumbnail (or W&M Homepage Thumbnail if this story will be on the W&M homepage). Select the correct image >> Confirm.
  7. Submit and publish your news folder.
Step 3. (optional) Add a photo gallery, audio clip or document link to your story
  1. For photo gallery: build your gallery.
  2. For audio clip: save the standard audio file to the Media drive.News Story with a 'Document' link
  3. For document: upload your document.
  4. Edit the page.
  5. Find the Other Media >> Media section.
  6. Use the dropdown to select the 'Media Type'.
  7. Click the [ ] icon next to Media page to browse to and select the gallery index page or document, or fill in the the URL of your Media drive file.
  8. Submit and publish.
Step 4: (optional) Adding fun features to your Story 
  1. Use the Photoset section to add a photoset to the top of your page.
  2. Add Related Links or other features to the right column to direct readers to other items of interest.
  3. Embed a YouTube video within the content area, or create a YouTube widget to place in the right-hand column.
Step 5: (optional) Adjust which news stories are featured on your home page ... it's all in the folder order.
  1. If your site does not automatically display news stories on the homepage, you will first need to contact your Cascade Web Manager to activate this feature.
  2. Change the folder order of your stories to control which are displayed first.
  3. Set the desired homepage stories as 1 and 2 (and 3 or 4 if your site displays that many stories on its homepage).

NOTE: Ignore the 'Top Story' checkbox (while in the edit mode of a news story).  This field applies only to the University Relations W&M News website.

Resolving potential problems
My page has a weird shaded rectangle just under my story by-line and date ...

Selecting a Media Type and the necessary media fileIt sounds like you have selected a 'Media Type' from the Other Media area dropdown, but have not selected the media to be referenced. You can either:

  1. change the dropdown to 'None', and the shaded box will go away, or
  2. use the browsing brackets under the dropdown to select the media to be linked. This will add the proper media icon and link to the shaded box.