There are several unique types of pages in Cascade. Learn what they are and how to work with them:

Content Page: The majority of site pages are content pages.

Directory Page: A special layout for individual faculty/staff bios.

Announcement:  Simple pages that can be displayed in a right-column box on other pages.

Events: Learn about the W&M Events system and how it works with Cascade.

News Story:  A pre-formatted page with tools to gracefully display your photos.

Feature:  Similar to news stories, but they tell the bigger story.

Blog Post: It's a simplified content page for blogger muse.

Redirect Page: It's a page... but barely! Quickly sends visitors to another internal or external page.

Page with Embedded Form: Bring your Tribe Responses forms into your Cascade site seamlessly.

Borrowed Pages: An easy way to put a page in multiple places, but only have to maintain the original.