Page with Embedded Form

Integrate simple forms into your Cascade site.

Use your WMuserid to create simple web-based forms with Tribe Responses. Once you have created a public form (one set for "anyone" to respond to) embedding it in your Cascade website is as easy as 1 ... 2 ... 3.  

Step 1: Create a new "Folder with Tribe Responses Form"
  1. Select the folder where you would like to add a page.
  2. From the top menu, choose New >> Folder with Tribe Responses Form (if this asset is not available to you, please contact your Cascade Web Manager).
  3. Enter a System Name (no spaces, all lower case).
  4. Enter the Display Name (proper upper/lowercase) - this will be displayed in your site's menus and breadcrumbs.
  5. Check the box Display in Menu if this item is eligible to display in menus—you will hide your page if you UN-check this box.
  6. Submit to save the folder.
Step 2: Enter the Tribe Responses Form ID
  1. Edit the index page.
  2. Enter a Title*.
  3. Enter the Tribe Responses Form ID found on your Form Summary page.
  4. Set the parent and sibling checkboxes. These adjust the left menu on this page only.
Step 3: Submit and publish the folder.

* The Cascade page title will not be displayed in the page's main content region, rather the form name given in Tribe Responses is displayed.  However, the Cascade page title is required by other Cascade pages that reference your form via Related Links.

Helpful Tip

Edits to the embedded form must be completed in Tribe Responses, and will automatically display on your page with embedded form.