Directory Page

Are you new to working with Directory pages?
Step 1: Create the Directory Page
  1. Click on your site's faculty/staff directory folder.
  2. Click New >> Directory Page.
  3. Fill in an appropriate System Name (no spaces, all lower case) — the standard  is "lastname_firstinitial".
  4. Fill in the First Name, Last Name, and Position or Rank fields.
  5. Set the parent and sibling checkboxes. These adjust the left menu on this page only.
  6. In the Directory Info section, use the plus sign to create additional sets of info you'd like to see to the right of the Square Thumbnail on the Listing Page.  For example, many A&S Departments list Office, Phone, Email and Webpage as separate sets.  In the Title field, fill in the name of the set. Fill in the Value field for each separate set, e.g. Blow 150, (757) 221-4000.  For an email address, enter just the WMuserid in double square brackets, e.g. [[blcole]].  For a webpage, place double curly brackets around the URL, e.g. {{}}.

    • For custom link text add a comma and the desired text,  e.g.  [[blcole, contact me]] or {{,Visit Google}}.

    •  You can protect a W&M email that is outside of your site domain with Advanced Email Protection.

    Note: The directory listing page will list up to the first 5 sets of Directory Info for each directory entry in the folder.

  7. In the Biographic Info section, use the 'plus' sign to create larger descriptive sections that will appear under the photo and directory info on the page. For example you might include sections for 'Areas of Specialization' or 'Background and Education'. 
    • Do not copy and paste directly from another source (Word, email, webpage). First copy from the source, then in Cascade click the Paste as Plain Text button before you paste.  You can also clean up your text by first pasting it into a text editor such as Textpad or Notepad.
  8. Add widgets or other right column features to your page (optional).
  9. Submit and publish your directory folder.
Step 2: Create and Add the images to your Directory Page
  1. See the examples below of the Primary Photo and Square Thumbnail.
  2. Prepare and add these images to your page.

    A Faculty Directory Page with Primary Photo.


    A Directory Listing Page with Square Thumbnail.