William and Mary

Content Page

Step 1: Understanding Where to Create a Page

The organization of your folders and files (the way they are nested) determines your site's structure. When you're ready to add a new page, follow the steps below to create a "Folder with Content Page" within the folder of the page it is to be located under (aka, its "parent" folder).

You may ask, "Why am I creating a folder with content page?"  The answer is in Menus and Breadcrumbs.

Step 2: Create the Page
  1. Navigate to the parent folder for your new page
  2. From the top menu, choose New >> Folder with Content Page
  3. Enter a System Name (no spaces, all lower case).
  4. Enter the Display Name (proper upper/lowercase) - this will be displayed in your site's menus and breadcrumbs.
  5. Check the box Display in Menu if this page is eligible to display in your site menus - you will hide your page if you UN-check this box.
  6. Click Submit to save the folder.
  7. Edit the index page (this is where you put the content of your new page).
  8. Set the parent and sibling checkboxes. These will adjust the left menu on this page only.
  9. Fill in the appropriate fields: Title, Teaser and Content.
    • Do not copy and paste directly from another source (Word, email, web page). First copy from the source, then in Cascade click the Paste as Plain Text button before you paste.  You can also clean up your text by first pasting it into a text editor such as Textpad or Notepad.

  10. Add widgets or other right column features to your page (optional).
  11. Submit to save the index page, and publish your site to ensure all of the appropriate menus are updated.