Videography Review Process

Departments and programs interested in a creative video project must submit a request to University Advancement for review. This process will ensure that the College community receives the best possible solution for their videography needs.

All creative video projects will be evaluated with the following questions:

  • Is videography the best communication solution?
  • How and where will the video be used?
  • Is funding available?
  • Are there campus resources available? If so, is this in keeping with the mission of University Advancement to produce high profile video projects?
First step

Any department or program seeking creative videography services must complete a request form.

Second step

University Advancement will review the request to determine if video is the best communication solution to meet the client's objectives. If additional information is needed, a consultation meeting will be scheduled with the client.

Third step

If it is determined that a video is appropriate, campus resources are available, and the project fits within the communication priorities of the university, University Advancement will work with the client on a project timeline. If campus resources are not available, University Advancement will recommend that the client seek an outside firm to complete the project. University Advancement will maintain a record of video services requested, regardless of whether the work is done in-house or outsourced.

Fourth step (if outsourcing project)

University Advancement will advise the Procurement Office that the client may move forward with obtaining services from an outside firm. University Advancement will forward the information provided by the client in the original service request to Kathy Mabe, Senior Procurement Officer, [[klmabe]], who handles procurements related to video services.