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Creative Services creates, delivers and sponsors a number of communication-related tools, services and support.

Creating & Managing Websites
Campus Communications (internal)
Social Media
Open-Source Projects

In both our day-to-day routines and in large campus-wide projects, Creative Services is a fan of open-source software.

Web & Writing Style Guides

Near and dear to our hearts - by following these few simple rules, every Cascader helps W&M maintain a unified web presence.

Visual Identity @ William & Mary

President Taylor Reveley charged a committee to determine how best to use logos, marks, mascots and other such elements to create an engaging visual image for the university. The visual identity committee is creating a website of our most effective visual elements that can be easily accessed and used by the campus community.

Policy for Departmental and Organizational Websites

As web managers and editors, you are required to follow these guidelines for appropriate content, security and accesibility.