Application Information

Eligibility Criteria

Only applicants from APA accredited doctoral programs in counseling psychology or clinical psychology will be accepted for the internship. Applicants should have experience in either Counseling Centers, Community Mental Health Centers, and/or Department Clinics and at least 400 intervention hours on the AAPI. Dissertation proposal and comprehensive exams must be completed by ranking deadline.

Application Procedure

We will be participating in the APPIC matching program.  All materials must be available for review on-line by our due date of November 15. The training committee will use the following information to determine which candidates will be invited for interviews:

  • Completed APPI as found on the APPIC web site at "APPI On-line" (Make sure to include your Curriculum Vitae and Transcripts, as required by the "APPI on-line").
  • Cover letter explaining why you believe you would be a good fit with the internship program at the College of William & Mary Counseling Center. Be specific about your goals for internship and how our program - in particular - will help you meet these goals.
  • Three letters of reference with at least two from people who have supervised your clinical work. References should reflect your most recent work if possible.

Based on the College of William and Mary Human Resources policies and congruent with APPIC Match policies, appointments of applicants to internship positions will be contingent upon the applicants satisfying certain eligibility requirements (e.g., background check). These procedures are carried out after the Match and solely for matched interns. Please see APPIC Match Policy #6b for more information.


The College of William and Mary Counseling Center is accredited by the American Psychological Association through 2017. We are also ACCTA and APPIC members and the Counseling Center is accredited by IACS (International Association of Counseling Services, Inc.).

For information regarding our APA accreditation, please contact the APA Committee on Accreditation with the following information:

phone: 202.336.5979 or 202.336.6123 TDD
web site:
USPS: 750 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242

Training year

The internship training experience begins on August 1st (unless it falls on a Saturday or Sunday; in this case, internship starts the following Monday)  and ends July 31st. During the internship year, interns will accrue and document a minimum of 2,000 professional hours, of which a minimum are to be 500 hours of direct service during the internship year.


The Counseling Center provides 4 internship positions.

Stipend and Benefits

The internship position offers a salary of $22,000 on a twice a month basis as well as the intern's health insurance (United Health Care through Student Resources) and the student health fee. Interns receive 20 days of combined annual leave, sick leave, and professional development leave for professional activities such as dissertation defense, job interviews, and conferences. In addition, there are approximately 9 university holidays. All interns have a private office with digital recording equipment, a personal computer linked to the University network, library privileges, eligibility to purchase a faculty/staff parking pass, and access to the Recreation Center.

Policies on Use of Leave Time

Interns are strongly encouraged to take their annual leave in between semesters and during summer sessions. Interns are expected to save at least 5 working days of vacation for the end of the internship for transition purposes. All annual leave and professional development days must be approved by the Training Director at least one week in advance by submitting a completed Leave Request Form to the Training Director.

Contact Information

Carina Sudarsky-Gleiser, Ph.D.
Assistant Director and Director of Training
Counseling Center
The College of William and Mary
P.O. Box 8795
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795
Phone: (757) 221-3620
FAX: (757) 221-3615
Email: [[cxsuda]]