Research Compliance

Research is regulated in three primary ways:

  1. Research involving external funding -- grants -- is heavily regulated. Regulations relate to research integrity, cost accounting and cash management, and conflicts of interest -- among other matters.  Information on institutional research compliance is provided by the Office of Sponsored Programs.  The Vice Provost for Research (VPR) is the institutional official charged with ensuring that throughout all Schools of the College, the university’s research enterprise is managed in accordance with federal, state, and institutional regulations and guidelines.  
  2. Research involving hazardous chemicals, radiation, animals, human subjects, biological waste, lasers, recombinant DNA, infectious and other biological agents.  Information is available through the Office of Sponsored Programs and the Office of Environmental Health & Safety.   
  3. Research involving work with certain foreign nationals, travel to certain foreign countries, release of certain information to foreign nationals, or research involving technology or devices that may have military or intelligence application.  Information is available from the Technology Transfer Office.  

In addition, restrictions on use of intellectual property and copyrighted materials, and on conflicts of interest, are applicable to all researchers.  Guidance on these restrictions is found in university policies.