Policies under Development

Proposed Policies

Significant proposed policies and policy revisions are published here, in draft form, for campus comment. 

Emergency Closing Policy.  This proposed policy covers various matters related to campus closings, including (1) who decides whether the close the campus during an emergency, (2) how closings are communicated, and (3) which employees are required to work during a closing and how they are compensated.   This policy updates and will replace the Inclement Weather Policy.  

The proposed policy was available for campus comment until March 5, 2014; the comments are currently being considered.

Policies under Review 

These are current W&M policies that are being reviewed and may be updated, revised, or eliminated.  

  • Dog Policy (revisions to clarify exemption for service animals under development)
  • Consensual Amorous Relationships Policy (revisions under consideration)
Ideas for New Policies or Significant Revisions

This is a non-exhaustive list of new policies that are being drafted, considered, or planned.  They may or may not come into being.  If you have questions or suggestions about these policies, feel free to contact the Office of Compliance & Policy.  

  • Policy on filming and photography on campus.  
  • Policy on employee contact with federal and state government officials.