Confidential Resources for People Who Have Experienced Sexual Violence

W&M wants to help people who have experienced sexual violence and wants to make sure that assault is not ignored.  For these reasons, and because of Virginia law, when W&M faculty or staff become aware of an incident of sexual violence involving a student or occuring on campus, the faculty or staff person must report to the Title IX Coordinator.  (To learn more about faculty and staff reporting obligations, visit the mandatory reporting website.)  

We know that people who have experienced assault or other forms of sexual misconduct may want to remain anonymous and share their experience only with one person.  Or they may not be sure how or to whom they want to report the incident.  To help support victims and survivors, W&M does have some confidential resources -- some people who are not required to report incidents to the Title IX Coordinator.  

The people and offices listed below are completely confidential resources.  They are not required to report incidents of sexual harassment or violence of which they become aware, unless the incident involves a minor.  There are also some additional partially confidential resources, who may maintain confidentiality of sexual harassment incidents but not sexual violence.  Information about these partially confidential resources is provided in Appendix B of the Discrimination Policy.  

W&M also has ways to make an anonymous report.  

Confidential Resources for Students

William & Mary Counseling Center
(757) 221-3620

Student Health Center
(757) 221-4386

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (Interim)
Lesley Henderson
(757) 221-2509

The Haven (student-staffed support center)
(757) 221-2449

Vernon Hurte 
Director, Center for Student Diversity
Campus Center 108

Sentara Williamsburg Community Hospital
(757) 984-6000 

Confidential Resources for Employees

Employee Assistance Program
(Virginia Department of Human Resources Management)
Counseling services provided at no cost
For assistance contact Human Resources; please note that Human Resources staff are mandatory reporters 
(757) 221-3153

Sentara Williamsburg Community Hospital
(757) 984-6000

This website updated August 2015.