Career Center "Talk"

Cohen Career Center "Talk" - Learn the Language

Career Assessment

Instrument used as an aid in helping to highlight a student’s interests or personality traits and explore potential occupations and industries. Assessments do not “tell” a student what they should do. We use the Focus2 assessment.

Career Advising Appointment

One-on-one meeting to discuss any career-related goal, objective, or concern.

Career Fair

An event featuring several employers from different fields coming to campus at one time in one location. Employers at career fairs recruit for internship and full-time positions.

Employer Information Session

A presentation by one employer, which highlights the organization and career opportunities for students. These presentations offer students a good way to meet an employer in a relaxed or casual atmosphere.


A brief (1-2 day) job shadowing opportunity that is available over Winter Break. During these experiences, students will have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the field that they are considering, as well as begin to develop a stronger professional network.


A short-term structured career experience, usually completed over a summer, and designed to develop and enhance skill sets. Internships are available in most fields, and can increase a student’s marketability to employers.

Job Shadow

Observation of a professional or group of professionals in a given industry. Usually lasts for one day to a week.


My Active Career Exploration series. A six-week, non-credit seminar open only to freshmen and sophomores that examines common issues students face in the first and second year of college, including: exploring majors, academic advising, writing a resume, finding internships, exploring graduate school options, and developing transferable skills.

Mock Interview

A practice interview session, where students are asked interview questions and provided feedback on the content of their answers, their delivery, and their professional appearance. 

On-Campus Interviewing

A formal program occurring during fall and spring semester, where a student can apply and interview for internship and full-time positions with employers who recruit on campus. Interviews are held in the Cohen Career Center.

Tribe Careers

A fully integrated on-line system, where students can create and store a resume, search and apply for internships and full-time positions, and access multiple resources including job and career exploration databases.

Quick Advising

A service where students can get their resume or cover letter reviewed, or get answers to basic career-related questions. No appointment is necessary, first come first served basis.