William and Mary

logoWhat is Compass?

The Career Center is more than a finish line for graduating seniors preparing for the "real world." It is a starting point for freshmen and sophomores who seek career guidance and opportunities to explore their interests. The Compass Program is a comprehensive menu of experiences, workshops, and counseling opportunities, all bundled together to help you find your path and plan for your future, starting in your very first year at William and Mary. Compass will help you learn how to use career tools and resources, increase confidence to inform the career decision-making process, and build momentum for action in your own career development.

What's on the Menu?

Compass Program offerings fall into three general categories.  Each category's offerings are designed to help you build a foundation of knowledge to inform your career decision-making. Click on each category to explore offerings that fit  your needs and interests:

Prepare for the career search                 
Explore career options                  
Connect majors to careers