Student Recruiting Policies

All students must agree to our policies and conditions related to recruiting. For the best success of all students, recruiting should be treated as a valued relationship between the employer and the student. Before the use of Tribe Careers, all students must agree to the following conditions:

Partners in Success

As a William & Mary student, you are ultimately responsible for securing your own employment following graduation. The Cohen Career Center, William & Mary alumni, faculty and employers play key support roles in the ultimate success of your career/job search strategy. The Cohen Career Center has established a slate of career development and recruitment services that is fair and equitable to students and employers alike, and supports responsible career decision-making by students. This effort is a partnership. It is up to you to seek counsel and direction to utilize fully the elements of this partnership, just as it is the Cohen Career Center's charge to assist you in preparing yourself effectively for the rigors of the job search.

The Cohen Career Center staff wants to work together with you so that this process can continue to be most successful. Therefore, we ask that you please read the following statements regarding your rights and responsibilities as they pertain to the usage of our services.

What You Can Expect from the Career Center

1. Access to services, events and William & Mary alumni - All students will have equal access to all Cohen Career Center services, including career advising, employer resources, workshops and related programming, interview training, resume & cover letter reviews, and recruiting. In addition, you will have access to William & Mary alumni through LinkedIn groups for the purpose of networking and obtaining career information. We encourage you to work with the Cohen Career Center advisors in a proactive manner to prepare for these discussions.

2. Career marketing strategy - Staff will be available to assist you with the identification and formulation of a successful job search strategy and action plan, including developing a job search profile, resume and cover letter critiques, networking techniques, interview skill development, and follow-up procedures. Also, the staff will be available as a support during the various phases of your decision making with respect to job offers.

3. Ongoing employer relations - Cohen Career Center staff actively develops and enhances relationships with employers for the purpose of increasing employment opportunities. These opportunities will be reflected in our on-campus recruiting program, various off-campus recruiting events and referrals for job opportunities with a diverse group of employers.

4. Freedom of choice - You will have the freedom to choose an internship and permanent job opportunity that best suits your career goals and objectives. To this end, the staff will work with you to ensure that your values, goals, and objectives are clarified to ensure that you are positioned to make the best possible employment decisions.

5. Confidentiality - The Cohen Career Center will maintain the confidentiality of your information, regardless of the source, including written records, reports and databases. Individual data will be kept confidential.

What the Career Center Expects from You

1. Professional Conduct - Interviews, corporate presentations and communication with employers are professional activities that require professional conduct. As in all Cohen Career Center functions, punctuality and professional demeanor are expected.

2. Interview with commitment - Research each organization that you will be interviewing with and be prepared to explain your interest in working there. Don't expect the interviewer to "sell" you on the organization. Don't use interviewing for practice.

3. Adhere to schedules - Appear for all career advising appointments and job interviews, whether on or off campus, in a timely manner unless an emergency prevents you from doing so. If an emergency occurs, immediately notify the Recruiting Manager [[clmcquillan, Cristen McQuillan]], 757-221-3232, in the Cohen Career Center, so that alternative arrangements can be made.

  • No Shows - Students who fail to appear for a scheduled job interview are considered "no shows". Our definition of a "no show" includes either no notification or inadequate notice (Less than 24 hours notice in all reasonable situations not including serious illness). This is not only discourteous to both the interviewer and your classmates, it also reflects poorly on the College. Interview and all Tribe Careers privileges will be suspended for any student who misses an interview until a letter of explanation has been sent to the interviewer (usually within 24 hours) and a copy received by the Cohen Career Center Associate Vice President for Career Development, [[kipowell, Kathleen Powell]]. If repeat offenses occur, more serious action may be taken.
  • On-Site Employer Interview Cancellations - If you are interviewing on-site with an employer, you should provide at 48 hours notice to cancel. This also includes Consortia events.

4. Making decisions concerning job offers - Communicate your acceptance or rejection of a job offer on or before the date agreed upon. If you must request additional time to consider an employer's offer, do so by notifying the person who extended you the offer as soon as possible.

  • Accept an offer in good faith - Once you accept an offer, you must withdraw from all other interviews. You are expected to honor your commitment.
  • The College of William & Mary does not condone reneging of job offers by candidates or employers. Reneging on an offer will result in being blocked from Tribe Careers and on campus recruitment permanently.

5. Notify the Cohen Career Center with all the status changes in your job search - This information assists the Career Center staff in identifying and helping students who need additional support in either their internship or permanent job search.

Our Policy Regarding Acceptance Timelines with Employers
  • Fall Recruiting - Students receiving full-time offers from fall interviews will have until October 31st or three weeks (whichever is greater) to accept or decline offers.
  • Spring Recruiting - Students receiving internships from spring recruiting will have until February 14th or two weeks (whichever is greater) to accept or decline offers.
  • Full-time Spring Recruiting - Students receiving full-time offers will have until February 28th or three weeks (whichever is greater) to accept or decline offers.