William and Mary

Local Internship Program

The Career Center has developed internships with a wide variety of organizations within the Greater Williamsburg area.  We are able to offer unpaid internships offered each semester in a wide variety of fields, including opportunities for pre-med and pre-law students interested in working with local physicians and attorneys.   These internships take place during the semester and typically require 7 - 10 hours per week of your time. These afford you a great opportunity to:
  1. Explore career options
  2. Build career-specific skills
  3. Enhance your resume
  4. Increase your personal network of professional acquaintances

You must attend an orientation session before you can apply for a Local Internship. If you attended an orientation in the past, you don't need to do so again.

Just log in to Tribe Careers to view and apply to Local Internship opportunities. See detailed instructions below:

1. Uploading a Resume

Sign in to Tribe Careers using your William & Mary login information.

  1. If you haven't already done so, update your profile.
  2. In top green toolbar, select "Documents" and then click the "Add New" button.
  3. Select "Resume" as document type.
  4. Browse your computer or zip drive or wherever you have your resume stored and select it.
2. Viewing Local Internships on Tribe Careers

In order to view the Local Internal Program's opportunities, on the top of the screen go to the "Jobs" tab and click on "W&M Jobs and
Internships".  Where is says Position Type click in the drop down box and find Local Internship Program. This will bring to the various
internship listings. You will be able to click and review each listing.

3. Applying to an internship

As long as you have completed all necessary obligations in order to participate in the LIP, there will be a box in the upper portion of the page reading "Apply", here you will be able to attach documents such as your Resume and Cover Letter (if requested) to your application.

4.  Wait

The employer will contact you directly if he or she is interested in extending an offer.

**Colonial Williamsburg has an additional application form (pdf), which you must complete and bring here to the Career Center in Blow Memorial Hall.


Log into to view current internship listings: