William and Mary

Major and Career Exploration Seminar Series

The Major and Career Exploration (MACE) series is a ten-week, non-credit seminar open only to freshmen and sophomores that examines common issues students face in the first and second year of college, including: exploring majors, academic advising, writing a college-level resume and cover letter, finding internships and experiential learning opportunities, exploring graduate school options, and developing transferable skills for today's dynamic workforce. MACE uses an interactive, discussion-based format designed to engage you actively in your own career development process. As a MACE student, you will learn how to use career tools and services offered by the Cohen Career Center to optimize your major, internship, and career searches.

78 freshmen and sophomores completed MACE in Spring 2013, and 43 completed a post-MACE evaluation: 

* 92% reported confidence in making decisions about their careers

*  97% understand how internships impact career options

* 90% reported knowing how to connect academics to career options

* 97% are confident in their ability to write an effective resume

* 100% know how to search for internship opportunities

Participants said:

" I was able to complete a draft of my first resume and have decided on a major. MACE has definitely helped me to look further into the future and reflect on what careers would be a good fit for me, based on my personal strengths."

" I feel a lot less nervous than I was before MACE. I may not be completed settled on a career path, but I have the knowledge of where to go and who to ask for help as I make major and career decisions."

"I feel confident about my ability to be successful in selecting a major and career for myself. After learning about all the different options, my personality, and my academic strengths, I know that my major and career path will be meaningful for me."

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