On-Campus Recruiting

Employers come here to interview you!

Approximately 56% of students hired through on-campus interviews are Arts & Sciences majors.Every semester employers come here to campus to interview W&M students for jobs and internships.  This is a great convenience for students, and it is probably the only time in your life that an employer will come to you for an interview!  All majors are recruited, and a variety of employers come to campus. 

Relatively few employers know months in advance what their hiring needs will be, and those that do tend to be in the corporate and federal government sectors.  Therefore, those recruiting here on campus represent a small proportion of the jobs that will be available when you graduate.  By all means, take full advantage of this service, with the recognition that it may very well be just the beginning of your job search. 

Here's how:

Once you are in TribeCareers, it's pretty intuitive.  Log in to Tribe Careers to see who is coming to campus to interview, as well as to see job postings.  If you'd like to apply for these on-campus interviews, a) complete your TribeCareers profile, b) upload a resume in the Documents tab, and c) complete the 3 prerequisites (see below).

  • See who is coming to interview by clicking on the "Campus Interviews I Qualify For" link on the right in Tribe Careers.  
  • Review the upcoming opportunities, click the 'Apply' button, select the resume you want to submit. (If you have not completed the prequisites listed below or if you have not uploaded a resume, the system will block you from applying.)
  • If you are among the candidates chosen for an interview, you will be notified and will go back into the system to reserve one of the interview slots.
  • Arrive at the Career Center 15 minutes before your appointed interview time dressed in interview attire, with an additional copy of your resume and a note pad.  Go up to the second floor and check in with the Recruiting Coordinator, Kathryn Compton.
  • After your interview, send a thank you note to the interviewer (which is why you need a note pad to write down his/her contact info). 
  • If you cannot make it to your appointed interview, contact Kathryn Compton the day before to avoid being penalized.
 To participate in on-campus interviews, have your resume approved, attend an interviewing workshop, and participate in a mock interview.
If you plan to participate in the on-campus interviewing program, you must first

  • have your résumé formally APPROVED (not just critiqued) by a Career Advisor, and
  • attend an Interviewing Workshop,   also available onlineand
  • participate in a Mock Interview

    before you will be able to apply for an interview through Tribe Careers. You can still use Tribe Careers to browse jobs and internships; you just won't be able to apply for an on-campus interview until you've fulfilled these two requirements.



Resume approval: Resume approval during walk-in hours Mon & Thur 1-4pm and Tue & Wed 3-6pm.  Call 221-3231 to schedule an appointment.

Bring your resume in during our walk-in hours to have it formally approved for on-campus interviews.  Or schedule an appointment with a career advisor by calling 757-221-3231.

Walk-in hours:

Monday & Thursday: 1pm-4pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: 3pm - 6pm
Cohen Career Center