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FedBid offers an innovative e-commerce solution that is changing the way government and commercial organizations buy and sell. In 2 years of recruiting at W&M, FedBid has hired 22 W&M students from all majors and backgrounds! FedBid is growing considerably and would like to hire more W&M students. Check out these alumni profiles! If you're curious in learning more about FedBid, please feel free to contact one of these alums. 
Andrew Fickley, '12
B.A. History

A native of Charlottesville, Virginia, I attended William and Mary from 2008-2012, graduating with a major in History and minor in Philosophy. While attending the College, I contributed to the music scene on campus via jazz guitar studies, Appalachian music ensemble, and collaboration with a number of on-campus musicians and bands. I was also involved with the Recreational Sports Program for each of my four years at William and Mary, working as a referee and Rec Sports Supervisor while playing for and captaining the men’s club Ultimate team. Upon graduating, I worked at a therapeutic boarding school located near Charlottesville, teaching social competency and life skills to boys aged 9-16 with a variety of social, emotional, and behavioral disorders. After concluding my year-long contract working at the boarding school, I moved to the Washington, DC area and began working at FedBid as an intern in Market Operations.  I was offered an extended position at the end of the internship, and will soon conclude my sixth month with the company.


Colleen Campbell, '11
B.A. English and History.

While attending school I was involved in W&M Cheerleading, Senior Class Gift Committee, AMP Comedy Committee, New Student Orientation Program, New Student Peer Advisor Program, and Students Helping Honduras.

I joined FedBid a month after graduating from W&M and I never imagined how much potential for personal and professional growth the company had to offer until I came on board. My first title here may have been that of an ‘intern’ but I never felt treated as such. After two weeks of training, FedBid gives you real, hands-on experience with the worlds of federal and commercial procurement. You’re directly assisting customers, sourcing open contract opportunities, and delivering FedBid’s message to both procurement professionals and the growing community of large and small businesses that use FedBid to reach new opportunities.

As an online reverse auction platform, the FedBid Marketplace is available 24/7 and thus the day to day here is dynamic, fast-paced, and very team-oriented. After completing my internship, I was hired full time as a Market Specialist and promoted a year later to the role of Senior Market Specialist, responsible for supervising the team that handled all Department of State and Department of Justice buys available through the Marketplace. I later transitioned to our Account Operations department and now serve as a Senior Account Manager for several of FedBid’s Army accounts, including the National Guard and the Army Corp of Engineers.


Jim Hobson, '11
B.A. History

My name is Jim Hobson, and I am proud to be a graduate of The College of William and Mary. My love for W&M was pre-d. I vividly recall my tour of the College – I was a junior in high school walking amongst the grounds and was immensely appreciative of W&M’s atmosphere. Every step I took I was breathing in the annals of history… as a lover of history, I could not have pictured myself going anywhere else!   Outside of my work in the classroom, the majority of my time was consumed on the Varsity Football team.  My football career culminated my senior year with the utter domination of our rivals in Richmond to clinch the CAA Championship – a satisfying end to a wonderful athletic experience.

As a fully employed young professional, I have reflected upon the process of how I ended up working at FedBid – and have come the realization that I experienced a good deal of unnecessary angst prior to my entry into the workforce. At the time, I felt in the skill set I had to offer potential employers, but was worried my beloved History major would deter recruiters from further evaluation. This fear – as it turned out – was a fallacy, and I had multiple opportunities to consider upon leaving The College. While FedBid may not be the right fit for all candidates, I hope my fellow liberal arts majors appreciate how well their William and Mary education will serve them – regardless of the professional field they chose. William and Mary did an excellent job honing a number of key skills which I use every day on the job: including critical/analytical thinking, time management, articulation, team/group activities, attention to detail, abiding to deadlines, and leadership, just to name a few. Thank you, and I hope all the young Tribesmen and Tribeswomen will consider FedBid as a potential employer.


Katherine Yount
B.A. Government

I’m Katherine Yount and I graduated in May of 2012. I was a government major with a minor in Art/Art History. I was a four year varsity athlete as a member of Tribe Women’s Soccer at the position of goalkeeper. In the classroom during my four years at W&M I learned oral and written communication skills as well as how to do proper research and analysis.  My liberal arts education provided me a well-rounded academic background and insight into things beyond papers and tests. Outside of the classroom I developed team working and time managements skills which have proven extraordinarily helpful in my professional career. 

I started at FedBid in June 2012, a couple weeks after my graduation, in the role of Market Specialist.   In this role I worked within a time doing research and recruiting vendors to use the FedBid Marketplace.  I developed relationships with my team and the Sellers which resulted increase efficiencies for all parties, as well as the best result for our Client – the Federal government.  In May of 2013 I was promoted to Senior Market Specialist and within a month was the manager of 9 interns.  The role provided me on the job management and leadership skills.  Throughout my career here at FedBid the responsibilities and opportunities given to me have been the most rewarding – from being directly responsible for millions of dollars in contracts a day, to leading the largest team within my department.


Katie Stillwell, '13
B.B.A. Marketing

I recently graduated William and Mary this past May 2013 with a major in Marketing and a minor in Kinesiology and Health Sciences.  During my 4 years at the college I played on the Varsity Lacrosse team where I garnered team leadership awards, as well as, CAA honors. I learned very quickly when stepping onto the William and Mary campus that I needed to be able to adapt quickly in order to be successful. Every student accepted to this prestigious college was extremely intelligent and gifted, so it was important to not only be consistent with your work ethic, but to adapt and find creative solutions. I believe the leadership skills acquired throughout their time spent striving to earn a degree from the college allows them the ability to transfer those skills to anything they decide to do post graduation.

In my case, I did not know what I wanted to do once I graduated, which was not a comforting feeling. I knew I needed a job, but I didn’t want to commit to a certain position unless I was certain it was the right job for me. I applied to FedBid and gratefully accepted the position as a Marketplace intern. Similar to most recent graduates starting their first job, I was a little anxious because I did not know what to expect. The one thing I did feel confident about when starting this new journey is that I felt prepared for anything that was thrown my way mainly due to my experience at William and Mary. The internship is not only competitive, but they challenge you on daily basis. People with strong time management, leadership, and adaptability skills proved to be very successful. By the time my internship came to a close after 4 months, I was offered a full-time job with the company, which I happily accepted. It has been 2 months since I have been hired on as a full-time employee and I was recently promoted to Senior Market Specialist. I cannot express how grateful I am for the skills I acquired at William and Mary both academically and through the Lacrosse program. I fully believe these skills that led to my success with FedBid.


Mallory Meaney, '12
B.A. History and Art History

I am currently a Client Services Supervisor at FedBid. At William & Mary, I majored in History and Art History and was involved in William & Mary Greek life where I served as VP Panhellenic and VP Recruitment for Alpha Chi Omega Sorority.  I was also a member of the Club Water Polo team, where I participated as Vice President and President.  During the fall semester of my senior year, I was selected to be a participant in the William & Mary in Washington program.  While involved in the William & Mary in Washington program, I had an internship as the Public Programs Assistant at the National Portrait Gallery.  I was selected as the recipient of the 2012 William & Mary Alumni Award for Art History.  Through my classes and extracurricular activities at William & Mary, I developed the verbal and written communication skills that made me a successful FedBid team member.

Upon graduation, I started my role as a Client Services Representative at FedBid, assisting customers via phone and email with their use of the FedBid Marketplace.  During my time at FedBid, I have gained valuable knowledge in government contracting, customer service, and recruitment.  I have been able to use the skills learned at William & Mary and FedBid to grow within the company.  In addition to my current role as Client Services Supervisor, I have served as Senior Client Services Representative.


 Matt Kaplan, '11
 B.A. Public Policy

I graduated from William and Mary in Spring of 2011 with a B.A in Public Policy and a minor in Business Management and Organizational Leadership.  Outside of my coursework, I mainly focused on community service as a Sharpe Community Scholar and active member of Alpha Phi Omega.  

Throughout my time at William and Mary, my eventual career interests seemed to change with the semesters. As a senior, I had very little inkling on where to focus my job search efforts.  I was introduced to FedBid at the Career Fair and found their business model intriguing because it combined my main areas of study (Government, Economics, and Business).   I started at FedBid a few short weeks after graduation and to my surprise was conducting sourcing on a multi-million dollar requirement within my first month at the company.  I have shifted positions and in my current capacity as Seller Community Supervisor, am in a more outward facing position.  My current role has given me the opportunity to travel to parts of the country I would never have the opportunity to visit, such as sunny Barstow, California, and represent FedBid in front of audiences as large as 250 people. 

While I have consistently felt challenged at FedBid, William and Mary gave me the skills necessary to succeed.  The liberal arts backbone of William and Mary places an emphasis on effectively communicating, whatever the topic may be, by both written and spoken word.  These experiences have enabled me to craft my message to ensure that it resonates with any audience. In addition to communication skills, the workload of William and Mary forces students to develop time management skills (or become very productive while sleep deprived). The experience of camping/living in SWEM for a week, while studying for 3 exams and writing four papers along with fitting in two team projects, made handling multiple time sensitive projects seem like second nature.


Noel Ham, '11
B.A. International Relations

Clubs: Kendo Club, Badminton Club, KASA (Korean American Student Association)

I’ve learned a lot from William and Mary that has helped me greatly in my job as a Senior Market Specialist at FedBid. My experience as a Badminton Club leader my Junior year taught me valuable leadership and organizational skills that I use extensively today as a manager of a small team of Market Specialists. Inspiring a group of people toward a goal is not something you can learn in a class, and my time as VP of Badminton Club really paid off in preparing me for a management role at FedBid.

In addition, I gained a lot of valuable research skills from my classes. Those research and analytical skills have come especially handy as it is my responsibility at FedBid to research and analyze vendors and their capability to bid on certain contracts on the FedBid Marketplace.

My experience with FedBid has been very exciting and rewarding. I’ve learned a lot about dealing with all sorts of situations, whether it’s educating and assisting clients to use the Marketplace or working with other departments in a collaborative manner to accomplish certain tasks. In addition, if one is willing to put in the hard work, FedBid offers a great opportunity to gain management experience. When I was offered a promotion to a management spot, it was daunting as I had never really managed people in a professional setting before. However, the leadership at FedBid made sure I was given the tools to succeed and I’ve learned a lot about managing a team. I feel that that has been the most important experience I’ve had at FedBid and that not a lot of places can offer that kind of opportunity at such a young age.


Clare O'Doherty, '13
B.A. English

Hello, my name is Clare O’Doherty, and I graduated William and Mary in May 2013 with a Major in English and a Minor in Economics. During my tenure at the College, I was a member of Chi Omega social sorority, Alumni Relations chair of the Student Alumni Council, and a Volunteer with Campus Kitchens and the Avalon Women’s shelter. I also held an internship at the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation with their Customer Research Division.

The communication and analytical skills I learned in the WM English department truly prepared me for a fast-paced, whirlwind experience in FedBid’s summer internship program - and later, a full-time position. I was able to utilize the writing abilities and statistical experience I gained at WM in order to pinpoint and examine key metrics relating to FedBid’s client base, and build relationships with Contracting Officers in government agencies across the country. I think the parts of the job that William and Mary most thoroughly prepared me for, however, were the sharp learning curve and competitive atmosphere to be found at FedBid. The people who I now work with are intelligent, challenging, and exciting, and it has been a wonderful experience immersing myself in the culture of excellence that embodies this company. 

Nolan Chao, '11
B.B.A. Marketing

I graduated in May 2011 with a B.B.A. in Marketing (with a concentration in Entrepreneurship), and a minor in Psychology. I also studied Management abroad at the University of Manchester in Spring 2010, which enabled me to have an International Emphasis on my degree. Outside the class room, I managed my own DJing business (doing events ranging from Greek life to the Green Leafe), was one of charter crew members/dancers for the B-boy Club, and also participated in intramural sports under (two-time!) basketball champion team "Do It For Frank".

I majored in Marketing to specifically obtain a job in the e-commerce industry, and saw a posting for an opportunity with FedBid that immediately piqued my interest. I then joined FedBid as an intern after graduation and was first assigned to providing sourcing services to one of the pilot accounts; a pilot account has since grown to be FedBid's largest buying customer. With that success, I soon got transferred to continually focus on our growing sectors, and consequently moved up the ranks to my current position of Marketplace Director. My core responsibilities now are to oversee the entirety of the FedBid marketplace, coordinate vendor outreach, and facilitate the competitive environment as it relates to all of our customers. I train and lead a team of sourcing specialists to optimize the success and results on each and every FedBid "buy"-- which easily equates to volumes of tens of millions of dollars and thousands of opportunities during our peak.

As it relates, William and Mary provided me with the tools to succeed in many ways. The first was the approach of a liberal arts education.  It's more than just fulfilling your GER's -- it's developing perspective to help shape your macro view. My current job requires me to interface with a variety of clients -- internal and external, buyer and seller, user and designer – and provide a service that appeases those stakeholders. Oftentimes, the interests of these parties can conflict, and it requires understanding “what it’s worth” for everyone involved—and can be difficult when you’re working with new customers and users on a daily basis. I also learned to take risks under the privilege of autonomy -- and that there wasn't always one right answer. The real business case studies and presentations at the Mason School of Business allowed students and groups to come with creative solutions that couldn’t be verified by an answer key.  The “block” semester also gave me the ability to develop knowledge and skills pertaining to everything from operations management to delivering presentations to the basics of corporate finance. Additionally, my Entrepreneurial Ventures class senior year enabled me to really understand the moving parts within an organization and apply it to various facets of a business—essential in a small, dynamic, growing company like FedBid, where new ideas are not only welcomed but easily implemented.

My learning also wasn’t confined to the classroom. The “small” culture at W&M fostered the ability to create and become entrepreneurial outside of Miller Hall. B-boy Club wasn’t in existence when I started college, and I hadn’t so much as counted a single beat before deciding to learn how to DJ. Now, the scene is still growing for both the club and the number of student DJ’s. The cohesive community of people (“tribe”, if you will) allowed for the easy exchange of both collaboration and innovation – in school, life, and business.