Know What Employers Are Looking For

Begin by being familiar with the top ten characteristics that virtually every employer looks for in a candidate:

  1. Communication Skills--both verbal and written are highly prized

  2. Honesty/integrity

  3. Teamwork skills (works well with others)

  4. Interpersonal skills (relates well to others)

  5. Motivation/initiative--self starters

  6. Strong work ethic

  7. Analytical skills

  8. Flexibility/adaptability

  9. Computer skills

  10. Self-confidence

Employers are looking for people who demonstrate that they can:

  • Make/Save money for the organization
  • Save time/Make work easier
  • Solve a specific problem
  • Help the organization be more competitive
  • Build Relationships, Brand, and Image of the organization
  • Expand the scope of the organization
  • Attract New Customers/Members
  • Retain Existing Customers /Members

Beyond the above, do some research into the career fields that interest you.  Know what kinds of career-specific qualities, skills, training employers in your chosen career field want. 

Make sure that you highlight as many of these qualities as possible on your resume.