Take a Personal Inventory

Don't limit yourself at this point

List everything even if it seems trivial.  Start with several pieces of blank paper. Title each with the headings: education, work, activities, honors and awards, interests and miscellaneous.  Or open a new word processor document and enter each of those headings.

  1. Under education, list colleges and universities attended, exchange programs, high school, off-campus study, etc.
  2. Under work, list all jobs held-full or part time, paid or unpaid.
  3. Under activities, list everything you have done, now and in high school, in terms of organized groups, teams, clubs, community involvements, etc. 
  4. Under honors and awards, list scholarships, class standing, special recognition and academic achievements. 
  5. Under interests, list hobbies, travel experiences, special talents. 
  6. Under miscellaneous, list everything you left out thus far.
Okay, it's time to start editing.

Under each section ask yourself the following question

  • Are there things on this list that I feel a sense of pride or accomplishment about?

  • Can I make these things relate to what a prospective employer might be looking for? For example, being a robust member of Hega Dega Rega fraternity may not be all that earth-shaking to an employer, however, the fact that you organized philanthropic functions to help the community may be of interest. Your job flipping hamburgers or mowing lawns may seem trivial to you, but being a conscientious worker during these jobs may be pertinent information.

  • Which things on my list show different aspects of my personality or strength? 

  • Which activities have been superseded by more recent involvements?