Sample Letters

Effective Letters

Review the following sample letters for best practices in communicating with potential employers.  All samples open in Adobe Flash Player.

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Sample Cover Letter

Always sign your letters in the space between the complimentary closing and your typed name!

Sample Letter of Inquiry

This is different from the cover letter above, in that you are not applying to a specific position.  You've identified an employer that interests you and you know why they should hire you. You still need to research the organization and your chosen career field, as above in the Cover Letter, but you have to talk more generally about how your experience, skills make you a good candidate for future openings they may have.

You can also use this kind of letter to ask for an informational interview (sample).

Sample Thank You Letter

 Thank you letters should be sent as soon as possible after the interview to all the people you met with during your interview.  The letter should acknowledge any special efforts such as lunch or office tours, as well as confirm your interest in the position.  If necessary, it is also appropriate to mention relevant information you forgot to relate in the interview. Allude to any points that you felt were well received during your interview.

Sample Letter of Acceptance of Job Offer

The letter of acceptance is used to confirm phone conversation and/or letter offering position.  The letter should include employment information discussed verbally such as salary and starting date.

Sample Letter Declining Job Offer

It is important to send a letter declining a job offer in order to maintain good personal relations with employers in case you decide to reconsider employment with this organization at a later date.


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