On-Campus Interviewing program

Some employers, not all, know months in advance what their hiring needs will be AND have the funding available to go to college campuses to interview students for those upcoming jobs.  Most of these employers tend to be corporate (most of whom recruit all majors), but some government agencies and non-profits come to interview too.

Take advantage of this--it is the only time an employer will come to you for an interview!  You must complete 3 prerequisites before you can apply to an on-campus interview.

  1. Log into Tribe Careers to see who is coming to campus to interview--new employers register all the time, so check often.
  2. If you see a job you like, tailor your resume to it and upload it into your Documents section Tribe Careers
  3. Use that resume to apply for an interview.
  4. If you are selected for an interview, you'll get a message instructing you how to reserve your interview slot.
On-Campus Interviewing Prerequisites:
  1. Have your resume formally approved by Career Center staff (not just critiqued)
    • Walk-in hours are M&R 1-4pm and T&W 3-6pm
  2. Attend an Effective Interviewing workshop (here is the online version)
  3. Participate in a Mock Interview (These are mostly available at the beginning of each semester and can be found in TribeCareers.wm.edu.)
On-Campus Interviewing Rules and Responsibilities:

1.   Professional conduct- Interviews, corporate presentations and communications with employers are professional activities that require professional conduct.

2.   Interview with commitment- Research the organization you are interviewing with.  Do not use an interview for practice.

3.   Adhere to schedules- Appear for all scheduled appointments.  If an emergency occurs, immediately notify the Career Center. 

               No shows: students who fail to appear for a scheduled job interview are considered "no shows".  On campus recruiting privileges and access to Tribe Careers will be suspended until the student has written a letter of explanation that has been sent to the interviewer (usually within 24 hours) and a copy has been received by the Recruiting Coordinator or Director.

              On-Site Employer Interview Cancellations: If you are interviewing on-site with an employer, you should provide at least 72 hours notice to cancel.  This also includes Consortia events, including but not limited to, MetroLink and FRC.

4.   Making decisions concerning job offers- Communicate your acceptance or rejection of a job offer on or before the date agreed upon. 

             Accept an offer in good faith- Once you accept an offer, you must withdraw from all other interviews.  You are expected to honor your commitment.  The College of William & Mary does not condone reneging of job offers by candidates or employers.  Students who renege on an offer will be blocked from Tribe Careers and on campus recruiting permanently.

5.   You must sign the "Partners in Your Success Rights and Responsibilities" document before participating in on campus recruiting (contains policies in more depth).  This is available by the recruiting kiosk on the 2nd floor or online at: https://forms.wm.edu/8936.