The Mock Interview Program

Why wait until a real interview to practice?

What is a Mock Interview?

This is your chance to practice interviewing with professionals from a variety of career fields.  We recruit these professionals, many of whom are alumni, to come here to campus and conduct a general 20 minute interviews with students, followed by a 10 minute feedback session.   We ask each employer to ask generalized interview questions, typically asked at almost any interview.  However, if this professional is in your chosen career field, you can ask him or her to throw in a few industry-specific questions, too.

Students consistently find this experience empowering and it dramatically improves most students interviewing skills. 

How to reserve your Mock Interview:

Simply log into Tribe Careers, make sure your resume is uploaded, and reserve your mock interview slot.  Show up 10 minutes before your allotted interview, dressed in full interview attire

It would be helpful if you attend an interviewing workshop before your mock, but it is not required.  It is a good idea to have your resume critiqued before you upload it into Tribe Careers, but it is not required.  Walk-in hours for resume critiques here at the Career Center are Monday & Thursday 1-4pm and Tuesday & Wednesday 3-5pm.