Types of Interviews

1. The Telephone Interview
Many employers will conduct a pre-screening interview by telephone.  For many internships, the only interview is by telephone!

2. Behavioral Interviewing
This is the most common type of interview.

3. The Case Interview
Case interviews are usually used in only certain career fields, like consulting, but you should have an understanding of how they work, just in case. See: McKinsey & Co.'s Online case interview 

4. Informational Interviewing
An informational interview is different from a job interview. The purpose is to network and gain understanding of a career field by talking to people in that industry. A great way to have an informational interview is to speak with an alumni mentor. Go to the alumni mentors page to find out more information.

5. Site Visit or Second Interview

6. The Meal Interview - Interviewing over breakfast, lunch, dinner or a weekend barbecue is a good way for an interviewer to talk business in a collegial environment while keeping an eye on a candidate's social skills.


Industry-specific interview advice