Get Advice

There are many ways to get help and advice through the career center. We provide services for all students, all majors, and even alumni!

  1. Schedule an appointment (757-221-3231) to get help with any part of your job search, including choosing a major and a career path, or stop by our walk-in hours to get help with a resume, cover letter, or any other quick question. 
  2. Talk with the Career Center Ambassadors, a group of students who help other students create and enhance their career skills.
  3. Meet with an alumni mentor to get valuable advice about career fields and organizations. These alumni asked to be put into this database because they want to talk to you!
  4. Check out our 100+ articles covering every aspect of building your career.
  5. Come to an event or workshop to learn about interviewing, resume writing, and more. See the list of upcoming events on the right.