The targeted, outcomes-based résumé

Employers expectations of a resume have changed




It is no longer acceptable to just list your duties in a series of bulleted statements.  In a competitive job market, employers are taking less than 20 seconds to skim through a resume, and they are looking for job-specific skills, relevant experience, and performance.  Furthermore; the vast majority of employers are now using LinkedIn to identify and screen candidates, so it is a good idea to have an active, well-written LinkedIn profile.

While the format looks very much the same as it has in the past, (contact information, experience, education) the resume has to be highly targeted to each specific job now, emphasizing skills and outcomes.  Watch the video and review the samples below. 

Target your resume to the specific job View this 15-minute tutorial on how to improve your résumé 
Decide whether or not it is time for you to use a Summary Statement on your resume.
Sample mid-level resumes:
Sample A     |    Sample B    |    Sample C

Alternative to the standard cover letter, the Pain Letter

IT'S TRUE:  Having a strong LinkedIn profile is just as important as your resume--this is how and why.

Cultivating an 'Executive Presence' on LinkedIn