Staff Directory


Powell, Kathleen
Associate Vice President for Career Development
Phone: 757-221-3231
Email: [[kipowell]]

Janine Yorimoto Boldt

Boldt, Janine
Graduate Assistant for Joint Degree Programme and Programs for Graduate Students


Brown, Julia
Program Assistant
Phone: 757-221-3233
Email: [[jabrow]]

Mike Caldwell

Caldwell, Mike
Director, Business Careers & Employer Development
Phone: 757-221-1623
Email: [[macaldwell]]

Griffin, Chiquita
Assistant Director, Business Careers - Marketing
Phone Number: 757-221-1625
Email: [[cdgriffin]]


Schofield, Sean
Assistant Director, Internships
Phone: 757-221-3236
Email: [[smschofield]]

Rachel Schotz

Schotz, Rachel
Graduate Assistant - Government/Non Profit
Phone: 757-221-3237
Email: [[csga02]]


Snyder, Don
Associate Director
Phone: 757-221-3282
Email: [[dlsnyder]]

Sylvain, Adam
Graduate Assistant - Education Careers
Phone: 757-221-2472
Email: [[csga01]]

Umbreit, Anna
Associate Director, Liaison to Arts & Education
Phone: 757-221-3230
Email: [[acumbreit]]