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Fitwell Pass Registration

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Patrons interested in purchasing a Fitwell Pass must first create a profile here:

Register for a Fitwell Pass

*You must complete the online registration before purchasing your pass at the Student Recreation Center. This may be done in any location via internet access. We are not accepting online payment at this time.

As we no longer have paper registration forms available, patrons are required to complete their profiles before purchasing a Fitwell Pass. After you have completed your online registration, please go to the Student Recreation Center Front Desk and purchase your pass via cash, check, W&M express or credit card. Checks can be made out to W&M Campus Recreation.

In order to keep Fitwell Pass registration organized, Fitness and Wellness staff members will assist with pass registration between Jan. 16-Jan. 31. A table will be set up for registration in the Rec Center Lobby between 4-8pm. Patrons can purchase a Fitwell Pass at the Rec Center front desk any time during Rec Center hours, beginning Jan. 16.

Use of ID Cards as Fitwell Passes

A new Fitwell Pass registration process was implemented in January 2013 which enables Fitwell Patrons to use their W&M ID cards or Privilege cards as their Fitwell Pass. Fitwell Patrons no longer receive a laminated paper Fitwell Pass when they purchase group fitness classes. Instead, they will register their W&M ID cards or Privilege cards (if patrons are not W&M students or W&M fac/staff members) at the time of Fitwell Pass registration/payment at the Rec Center front desk and can use their ID cards as their Fitwell Passes.

Group Fitness Class Check-In
When arriving at the Rec Center to take a group fitness class, patrons should go to the front desk and present their W&M ID Card or Privilege Card (or pay $5.00 for a daily pass) in order to get a ticket for the class. The front desk attendant will swipe the ID Card to verify that the patron has registered for a Fitwell Pass. There are a limited number of spaces available for each class so once the tickets run out, the class is full. The earliest partcipants may pick up tickets for a class is 15 min. prior to the class. Classes are first come, first serve.