William & Mary

Philosophy on Family Involvement

At Williamsburg Campus Child Care, our approach to childcare emphasizes the need for parents to be active participants in our program.  Parents are vital to the success of our program, as they assist with many school events, fundraisers, and other Center needs.

When parents are active participants in their child's education, studies have shown that the students, families, teachers, and school all benefit.  Children's language, cognitive, and social skills thrive in quality child care programs with responsive caregivers.  Each child develops more positive attitudes towards school, has fewer discipline problems, and shows increases in achievement.  Child care affords parents the opportunity to learn effective parenting skills, how to help their child succeed in school in the future, and demonstrate to their children the importance of education.  Teachers profit by receiving valuable assistance in the classroom and  by improved morale as family support increases.  WCCC and our community benefit by increased support of center policies and projects, as well as donated services that save the center thousands of dollars annually.

These benefits contribute to the importance that WCCC places on family involvement.  For these reasons, each family at WCCC is responsible for completing 12 volunteer hours per year.  Volunteer time is reported to WCCC's Assistant Director.