Criteria for Eligibility

The following conditions must be met for a purchase to be eligible for the Tribe Computer Store’s payroll deduction program:

  1. All orders MUST include one iPad or computer system (computers can be customized).An employee must be 9 or 12-month full-time or part-time William & Mary faculty or staff member with benefits. Part-time hourly employees are not eligible for payroll deduction. 
  2. A 20% deposit is required at the time of purchase and the amount to be deducted cannot exceed $1,800.  ALL PURCHASES UNDER $600 WILL ONLY BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE 12 EQUAL BI-MONTHLY PAYROLL DEDUCTIONS.
  3. Peripheral devices such as printers, back up hard drives, iPods, software and accessories are eligible for this plan when purchased at the same time as a computer system or iPad.
  4. There are no returns or exchanges on products purchased via payroll deduction unless a product is defective.
  5. Faculty and staff cannot add to an existing payroll deduction amount.  One balance must be paid in full before additional purchases can be made via payroll deduction.
  6. Faculty and Staff must be in good financial standing with the College to be allowed to sign up for payroll deduction.