Vehicle Registration

All motor vehicles, including motorcycles and motorbikes, parked on College property must be registered with Parking Services located at 201 Ukrop Way. This registration can also be accomplished at the Watermen's Hall Registration Desk for those individuals at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science Campus. The operator of each vehicle will be issued an appropriate decal or permit. The purchase of a decal entitles individuals to park only in those areas designated for the respective decal. The purchase of a decal does not guarantee a specific parking space. Decals are effective for the school year which runs from date of issue through August 31 of the following calendar year. Temporary permits are issued as necessary for durations appropriate with their purpose.

Acceptance of a decal or permit by an individual attests to that person's complete understanding of the College of William & Mary Motor Vehicle Regulations and his/her responsibility to adhere to those regulations. Additionally, it is a violation to purchase additional decals and distribute these to other individuals.

Vehicle Registration Forms (MS Word)

Faculty & Staff 2013-14

Commuter Student 2013-14

Resident Student 2013-14

Christopher Wren Association 2013-14

General Decal Application 2013-14

Volunteer Vehicle Registration 2013-14

Emeritus Faculty Vehicle Registration 2013-14