William and Mary

Restricted Use Decals

The Restricted Use decal is available for freshmen and sophomores who have obtained permission to have a vehicle registered on campus. It is important to note that no student under consideration for an exception should bring a vehicle to campus until approval to purchase a Restricted Use decal has been granted. Please allow two (2) weeks for the approval process.

The Restricted Use Decal allows parking only at the William and Mary Hall Lot, Monday at 7:30 a.m. until Friday at 5:00 p.m. Students displaying the red restricted decal may NOT park in metered or timed spaces at any time. Once your exception is approved you may choose on campus parking or our long term vehcile storage option at the Dillard complex at a fraction of the cost. The Long Term Storaeg Decal is not valid on the main campus during normal, on those days you would require a supplemental parking pass. 

Exceptions are granted to support part-time employment (at least 10 hours per week), physical disability, or approved volunteer service. Individuals with this privilege may register only one vehicle and must display the adhesive decal provided.

Part-Time Employment

Requests for exception based on part-time employment should be submitted to the parking services office once employment has been secured. Approval will be granted upon successful verification of employment and schedule meeting the minimum 10 hour per week requirement. Parking services reserves the right to verify continuation of employment throughout the semester. Decal holders are responsible for ensuring that parking services has on file the most current

Part-Time Employment Form (pdf)

Physical Disability or Illness

Requests for exception based on physical disability or illness requiring transportation off campus should be forwarded to the Office of the Dean of Students. Forms for requesting this type of exception are available from Parking Services, the Office of the Dean of Students, and on line. You may also see the Dean of Students page on Restricted Parking for Medical Reasons, Disability Services, and Temporary Handicapped Parking for more information.

Freshman and sophomore students seeking access to a personal vehicle and restricted parking for medical reasons are asking for an exception to College policy. All such exceptions must be reviewed and recommended to Parking Services by the Medical Review Committee (MRC). Petition approval is not automatic and is generally given only when a student's medical appointments cannot be accommodated by local Transit Service. This is a two part petition. Form A must be completed by the student seeking access to his/her personal vehicle. Form B must be completed by an appropriate medical professional who will be working with the student and who is not a member of the student's immediate family.

Form A, Student Medical Request (pdf)
Form B, Professional Medical Request (pdf)

Volunteer Service

Requests for exception based on volunteer service should be forwarded to the Office of Community Engagement and Scholarship located in Blow Hall 326. Forms for this exception may be picked up at the Office of Parking Services, or on line. Fall deadline for submission is Friday Oct 11, 2013 and the Spring deadline is Friday February 21, 2014.

Student Volunteer Form (pdf)

Other Exceptions

Other exceptions to policy (Athletic team members, Tribe clubs, Parents abroad on diplomatic assignments, Etc.) may be granted on a case-by-case basis. In order to apply you must submit the form below to the Director of Parking & Transportation Services with a description of the circumstances justifying the need to have a vehicle on campus. Since spaces are limited these exceptions will be granted in the order received and only after all other requests for exception have been considered.

Generic Exception Request Form (word)