William and Mary

Parking Decals: All You Need!

A 2013-2014 parking decal will be required beginning Tuesday, September 2. 

Before completing your application for a parking decal, please be sure to review the current rules and regulations.  

The cost of parking decals vary to accommodate various categories of students and staff and are prorated at different times of the year.

Completed forms should be returned to Parking Services in person, at [[w|parked]] or fax (1-4625)


Resident Student Registration Form (docx)

Commuter Student Registration Form (docx)

Faculty & Staff

Online renewal (Payroll deduction renewels only)

Faculty & Staff Registration Form (docx)

Emeritus Faculty Registration Form (d0cx)

General Decal Application Form (d0cx)

Don't see the form you are looking for?  Find more classifications under Forms and Documents