William and Mary

Carpool Program

Cut your daily commuting cost by up to 70%

Parking Services offers support for carpools through several measures and encourages all members of the William & Mary community to consider the financial and environmental benefits of establishing a carpool

Parking services offers a special single hangtag parking pass to carpool members.
  • A carpool consists of a minimum of three individuals who share a ride to and from campus every day.
  • Driving responsibility can be divided between carpool members in any way.
  • The carpool hangtag is sold at the baseline rate (Tier 4) and the cost of the single tag is divided between carpool members; more members equal more savings.
  • The tag can move between the different vehicles used by the carpool.
In addition, each carpool group will be given 6 one-day parking passes. 
  • These passes can be used whenever the carpool cannot meet, to cover unforeseen circumstances.
  • Additional passes may be purchased as needed at the prevailing daily rate.
Parking services has reserved 23 spaces especially for carpool members.
  • These spaces are distributed throughout the Williamsburg campus.
  • These areas commonly referred to as pods are located at the Law School F/S Lot, Old Dominion Lot, Parking Deck, School of Education, and Yates/Randolph lot.
Parking Services has established a W&M Rideshare partnership with AlterNet Rides.
  • AlterNet Rides is a popular online carpool tool used to facilitate the creation and use of carpools.
  • Find potential carpool partners in minutes.
  • The service is completely FREE. 
  • To acces the tool click here.  You will be prompted to create an account profile and start ridesharing.
Addtional Information:

Carpool Agreement & Application Form (pdf)