Meet the Staff

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff work hard to keep you on the go.

Bill Horacio
Bill Horacio III -  Director, Parking & Transportation
Joined W&M: Aug 2006  
Fun Fact: Huge fan of Sci-Fi & Action movies. Diehard NJ Devils Fan. His Favorite Superhero = WOLVERINE.
Penny Mayton
Penny M. Mayton -  Asst Mgr Parking & Transportation
Joined W&M: Mar 2006  
AKA: Mimzy (whimsical flower child from Whoville)
Favorite Saying: “It’s my world and you are just living in it”
Kevin R
V. Kevin Radcliffe – Customer Service Representative
Joined W&M: Oct 2008
Fun Fact: Kevin absolutely loves watching The PHILADELPHIA EAGLES whip up on the Washington Redskins!!!
Sandra S
Sandra A. Scott – Parking Enforcement & Special Events Supervisor
Joined W&M: Apr 1985
Favorite pastime:  Spending time with family and friends.
Jason H
Jason S. Hamlin – Parking Enforcement Officer
Joined W&M: Aug 2003
Fun Fact: Jason is a Washington Redskin Fan All Day Every Day. His Favorite Super Hero = IRON MAN.
Kathy C
Kathrine S. Chapman – Parking Enforcement Officer
Fun Fact: Katherine holds the honorary title of Office Thesaurus/Dictionary/Grammar Nerd. Her favorite genre of music is heavy metal and Metallica is her favorite band
Johnnie H
Johnnie M. Hill – Parking Enforcement Officer
Joined W&M: Dec 2012
Fun Fact: Johnnie lives on a 10 acre farm and would eventually like to start an animal rescue. Dream vacation? Ireland