What we do and why we do it

The purpose of motor vehicle regulations is to reduce traffic congestion, facilitate orderly parking, provide a safe campus environment and to promote the fair and consistent enforcement of rules. The Code of Virginia (S23-9.2:3) grants to the Board of Visitors the power to provide parking and traffic rules and regulations on property owned by the College and the District Courts require the Board of Visitors approval for local enforcement of motor vehicle regulations. The Board of Visitors has authorized the Office of Parking Services and the Campus Police to provide for the safety of persons on College property by enforcing these rules and regulations.

How we develop regulations

The motor vehicle regulations have been developed by the Office of Parking Services with the advice of the Parking Advisory Committee and have been approved by the Board of Visitors. The regulations are applicable to all persons owning and/or operating a motor vehicle on the Williamsburg and Virginia Institute of Marine Science campuses of the College of William and Mary in Virginia. Accordingly, jurisdiction extends to all College roads and grounds.

The fine print

The College does not assume responsibility for motor vehicles or their content while operated or parked on College property.