Parking Advisory Committee

What is the Committee?

The Parking Advisory Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Vice President for Administration on parking policy issues. These include, but are not limited to, the decal pricing system, allocation and reallocation of spaces, and parking fine amounts.

How can I send the Committee my ideas?

The Committee is interested in hearing your thoughts on any issue related to parking on campus. Please use the Parking Advisory Committee Input Form to submit items for consideration by the Director of Parking & Transportation, and in turn by the Parking Advisory Committee.

What if I just have a comment for Parking & Transportation?

We'd love to hear from you too. Send your feedback to Parking & Transportation.

Advisory Committee Meeting Presentations & Notes

2004 Parking Status White Paper (pdf)

Parking ADA Placard Disclosure

If you have a state DMV issued handicapped placard or license plate Parking Services needs your help asessing the demand for these parking spaces on campus. Our goal is to ensure we keep up with the demand and that spaces are compliant with ADA prerequisites. The easiest way to capture this information is by self identification.  There are two ways to provde this information. You can fill out the below form to send your ADA placard information to Parking Services or list in the appropriate section of the vehicle registration form when purchasing a decal.

ADA Placard Disclosure