How Colossal Miscalculations and Audacious Generals Prolonged the Civil War


Gain a detailed understanding of the 1861-62 Civil War campaigns of the Virginia Peninsula, discovering how these oft-overlooked events tremendously impacted the politics, strategies and length of the war.

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In this in-depth, on-scene investigation, trace Abraham Lincoln’s education as a wartime leader as he learned to manage generals and reevaluate the slavery question. Investigate battles from Big Bethel to the clash of the Monitor and Merrimack to the “murderous” charge at Malvern Hill in scholarly lectures. Witness the war’s impact on towns caught in the middle, families left behind and slaves hungry for freedom, and hike on half a dozen battlefields to experience them from the perspective of the soldiers who fought and died there.

Walking/hiking up to 3-5 miles per day at moderate pace over battlefields and historic sites; uneven ground.