Historic Preservation: Seasonal Cleaning At Jamestown and Yorktown

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Learn by doing as you help Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation staff maintain museum sites after the major quadricentennial celebration in May, 2007. An educational institution of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Foundation operates two living history museums near Williamsburg, Jamestown Settlement and the Yorktown Victory Center. These authentic, educational sites draw 800,000 visitors annually. Work may deal with educational materials, gardens, matting for Indian houses, repairing structures, cleaning and preserving household furnishings, equipment, and ship maintenance. Each day includes a lecture/discussion or field trip. Help the museum preserve America's 17th- and 18th-century history.

6 hours per full day and 3 hours per half day working time. Equipment provided by Foundation. Participants work in teams indoors or outdoors (weather permitting) led by museum staff to support specific areas and to prepare for a special event.