Vines, Wines, Founding Fathers and Country Estates: Exploring Virginia’s Piedmont Wineries

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Discover the art of winemaking and its colonial roots in Virginia’s Piedmont wine country. Expert lecturers discuss early attempts at American winemaking, ancient processes adapted to the modern industry, wine in delicious recipes and pairing wines with foods. During field trips, explore a fascinating assortment of wineries where you will be treated to behind-the-scenes insights; the homes and gardens of three U.S. presidents (Jefferson, Madison, Monroe) who dabbled in early viniculture; and related historical sites at or near the wineries. Take home a deeper appreciation of the complex processes that result in your favorite wines, as well as a new understanding of the surprisingly long and fruitful history of winemaking in America.

Walking up to two miles per day, standing, uneven terrain, and climbing stairs. Some historic sites only accessible by stairs.