Reviews From Past Program Participants

"Cheers to the professors and students who gave us a new understanding of the trials and tribulations of the Chesapeake Bay area and did it all with such care, love for their work, and humor!" -- Sally Farnham

"This course was so well planned with lectures and field trips to guide us toward future reading and visits, with a much better understanding of the significance of the State in the development of the United States. Instructors and tour guides were all excellent and the setting was well above what one expects from an Eldershotel. The evening programs were related to the subject, too. Thank you all for an enjoyable and fascinating week. Virginians have always seemed more 'civilized' than surrounding States - now I know why they are (It's in the genes)." -- Ellie Craft

"The program on the American colonial period was one of the best I have attended. The subject matter was pertinent as well as enjoyably entertaining. The faculty presented their specialties very knowledgeably and professionally. I would recommend it highly to anyone." -- Betty Jane Fetherston

"The program was recommended to us by other Elderhostelers due to our interest in the Williamsburg area. They didn't steer us wrong! Williamsburg is a very special place! It's been a luxurious Elderhostel whetting our appetites for many more. We'll be back." -- Ruth and John Strohm

"Courses - excellent. Scheduling - excellent, allowing time for visiting other sites, etc. A wonderful experience." -- Jean Colley

"The three different courses were all very fascinating. On a scale of 1 to 10 the entire program was a '10'." -- Rollie Seltz

"The location of this Elderhostel in the heart of historic Williamsburg can't be beat. Also the instructors were excellent. Some of the very best we have heard in 77 Elderhostels! Thank you for providing us with such a delightful experience!" -- Bill and Mary Crimlich

"I enjoyed the historical facts and the humour!" --Ann Hall

"Your staff of instructors... are extremely well qualified in their fields. They went above and beyong their call in making me feel quite comfortable and most assuredly welcome." --Virginia M. Williams