How do I register for one of your Road Scholar programs?

There are several ways to register. You may register through the Road Scholar Worldwide web site, www.RoadScholar.org, or you may call them toll-free at 1-800-454-5768. You can also register by mail, using the forms found in the Road Scholar catalog. To get on the catalog mailing list, please call 1-800-454-5768. All registrations are processed through national Road Scholar headquarters in Boston. We at Learning Odysseys do not process registrations locally, however we are happy to answer your questions about our programs.

How long are your programs?

We offer programs that are six days long ("Long") and four days long ("Snapshot"), and we also offer special weekend programs (Friday through Sunday). There's something for everyone!

How much do your programs cost?

Costs vary, depending on the program. Please see costs listed on the Programs page of our web site, or contact our office at (757) 221-3649. Pricing information is also available on the national Road Scholar web site, www.RoadScholar.org, or you may call 1-800-454-5768.

What is included in the cost of the program?

All accommodations, meals, and transportation for scheduled events and field trips are included. Transportation to and from the program (by air, train, car, etc.) is the participant’s responsibility, as is transportation during "Free time." See our page on Getting to Williamsburg for more information.

How many hours of instruction does national Elderhostel require?

7.5 hours are the minimum number of hours required for short programs and 22 hours for long programs. Many of our programs exceed this requirement. However, we believe our programs achieve a good balance between classroom time and field trip/activity time.

Why do we stay at a hotel rather than on campus?

1) There are no elevators in the dorms and we want our participants to have full access to their place of lodging in compliance with ADA regulations. 2) The dorms do not have private bathrooms. 3) Many dorms are not air-conditioned and in our climate during the summertime, air-conditioning is a necessity! 4) Classroom space is simply not available during Road Scholar peak times (spring and fall), as the students who attend the college occupy the rooms. We trust you will find our hotel facilities to be comfortable and convenient.

Do I have to stay in Road Scholar accommodations during the program?

You are eligible to be a commuter only if you are a Williamsburg-area resident. See Commuter Registration for more information. We do not have commuter rates for Charlottesville programs.

Is a ticket to Colonial Williamsburg included in my program?

A ticket to Colonial Williamsburg is included in some, but not all of our programs. If a ticket to Colonial Williamsburg is included, the program description will indicate this. Some of our programs focus solely on Jamestown or another part of our historic area and do not incorporate Williamsburg into the curriculum. For example, our "Jamestown, Birthplace of a Nation" Snapshot program is housed at a Williamsburg hotel but does not include a visit to Colonial Williamsburg because there is so much to see at Jamestown. For some programs, you will have the option of purchasing your own Colonial Williamsburg ticket at a discounted rate specially obtained by Road Scholar. If Colonial Williamsburg is not included in your program but you would like to spend time there, consider staying in town a few days after your program ends. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to call us and ask.

Can I get my Colonial Williamsburg ticket early if I arrive before the program begins?

No. We must pick up the tickets in bulk on the day of your scheduled tour. However, if you wish to purchase a ticket yourself, we can refund you the cost of a ticket included in your program tuition. Generally, we will need your original receipt for the ticket purchase, plus your name, address, and social security number (this is required by The William & Mary accounting office in order to cut your check.) The refund check will be mailed to you within 30 days of the last day of the program. Because we get a group rate, the amount we can refund you will likely be less than what you pay for your individual ticket. Please call our office at (757) 221-3649 prior to departure to find out more about the refund process.

What will I receive in the mail prior to my program?

You will receive one mailing from us, about 4-6 weeks prior to the program. This will include, among other things, health forms that need to be returned to us! Also included are a booklet with directions and accommodations information, and a sample itinerary. We advise you not to make free time plans based on the sample itinerary. Call us at (757) 221-3649 if you have an urgent question about scheduling. You will receive a finalized schedule upon your arrival at the program.

Do you provide transportation during free time?

No. Transportation is provided for scheduled field trips and activities only. For this reason, if you are not driving your own car to the program, you may wish to consider renting one. This will give you the greatest amount of flexibility during free time. We are also happy to assist those without vehicles in finding someone with whom to carpool-- just speak to your coordinator about your needs. For Williamsburg programs, the historic area may be within walking distance, depending on which hotel we are using. Our hotels are also on one of the public bus lines-- check with the hotel front desk about schedules and routes. See the "Getting around" section on the Local Information-Williamsburg page for more information.

Why doesn't Road Scholar distribute a list of addresses for all the participants on my program?

Road Scholar headquarters deems it an invasion of privacy to give out address information, so we are not allowed to distribute such a list. This is also why we do not print your city name on your Road Scholar nametag. However, if you wish to stay in contact with new friends you've made on your trip, you're welcome to exchange information with them before you leave.

Will we participate in a talent show or graduation ceremony at Learning Odyssey's Road Scholar program?

No. Recent surveys suggest that participants do not feel this is necessary, so we do not conclude the program with a ceremony. However, for our Intergenerational programs we do have a brief children's graduation ceremony.

When are fall colors at their peak in Williamsburg and Charlottesville?

The changing leaves are at their peak color in Williamsburg around November 1. For Charlottesville, colors tend to peak in mid-October.