Workshops and Seminars

The Office of the Associate Provost for eLearning partners across the college to present workshops in eLearning and academic technology issues across the curriculum. Below is a list of workshops we've helped facilitate. Click on any of the links to see more information about the workshop. In most cases, you'll find the entire workshop available to view online. There are also supplementary materials, information on participants, and contact information if you'd like to learn more.

Fall 2016

Engaging Students with Visual Media: eLearning tools to incorporate imagery and video in your course (September 20 and 21)

We are increasingly surrounded by images and video in our everyday lives. How can we take advantage of this in our classes? This workshop shares how W&M faculty are already using, or could use media to: engage students; convey content; and clarify complex concepts.

Digital Tools for Academic Writing: Approaches to writing and peer feedback (October 18th &19th)

Faculty contributors Judi Harris (School of Education) and Suzanne Raitt (English) share their approaches to using digital tools to help students write more effectively while enhancing faculty feedback.

Incorporating Real-World Projects into your Course (November 15th &16th)

One of the most effective ways to engage students is to give them real-world problems to solve. In this workshop, we will explore how these projects can be designed and implemented as authentic assessments. Several faculty members share their approaches to incorporating real-world projects into their courses.

Spring 2016

Fall 2015